Q: I clean my filters regularly; do I still need to have my air conditioner professionally cleaned?

A: It’s important to clean the filters in your indoor unit every two weeks to keep your system running efficiently. Over time, dust, grime, cooking fats and hair follicles build up in the evaporator coils and blower fan, producing dangerous mould spurs which effect the quality of air you breathe. The only way to remove this contamination is by having your air conditioners professionally cleaned with our Platinum Clean.






Q: My air conditioner is leaking water when I turn it on, why?

A: Your air conditioner could be leaking due to a blockage in your drain pan, drain line or external drain pipe. A blockage is generally caused by a build up of dirt, mould, or could be as a result of having a frog, gecko or ants nest stuck in your drain line or drain pipe. Breathe Easy will thoroughly wash and purify your system with their Platinum Clean, removing all dirt, mould and bacteria, unblocking your system leaving it as a good as new.

Q: My air conditioner isn’t as cold as it used to be!

A: If your air conditioner is contaminated, this will affect its capacity to cool making it run less efficiently. If you find yourself having to drop the temperature on your remote control to try and cool your room and find that the temperature remains the same, your evaporator coils and blower fan will more than likely be congested with dirt and mould. The only way to remove this is with our Platinum Clean.

Q: Do we need to move furniture?

A: We need to be able to access your air conditioner with a three tiered step ladder. If you have furniture directly under your air conditioner we will require it to be moved so that we can access your air conditioner to clean it. Breathe Easy technicians are more than happy to assist if needed.

Q: How can I check if my air conditioner needs to be professionally cleaned?

Check 1:

Your air conditioner smells! Whether your air conditioning is running or not, if you can smell an odour coming from your air conditioner, this is a good sign that you have a build up of mould and bacteria growing in your evaporator coils which is affecting the quality of air you’re breathing.


Check 2:

Grab a torch and check the blower fan and air well of your air conditioner. If you see a build up of dirt and mould, this will be affecting both the quality of air flowing through your air conditioner and its running efficiency, potentially costing you more on your electricity bill!


Check 3:

Remove the filters from your internal unit and inspect the evaporator coils. Again, if you see a build up of dirt and mould, this will be affecting both the quality of air flowing through your air conditioner and its running efficiency!

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